Movie review: Yellow (Marathi)

Storyline: Read the bold parts of the story below, for the storyline.

Poster: Amazingly done, portraying Gauri (the special kid) as a 'princess'. She is floating on water which is her passion.


Story of YELLOW:

Gauri has Down Syndrome. She is not like the other kids. She is slow in learning and responding.

There is a voice from Gauri's mind, she does not talk; but relates. When her mom asks what's black and huge, she relates it with a fat man, while asked what keeps jumping around in the forest, she relates it to the kids jumping, during recess. 

Mugdha is her mom who never loses hope and Mugdha's brother (Gauri's mama) encourages and backs Gauri every single time something comes up. 

Mugdha is a beautiful mom, she loves Gauri just like every mother would love her child. She is not ready to give up on her, she leaves her husband for Gauri. She wants her child to be independent when she grows up, she is intimidated while thinking of Gauri's future.

Gauri's mama aka Shri is played by Hrishikesh Joshi. He is a darling, he follows spirituality, looks at strategies to open Gauri to talk and understand things better. When she wears the paper-made glasses of Green/blue/red to learn colors, all of us watching the movie wonder how better our learning should've been.

Gauri's dad is not happy with her, and he is not able to give up on the 'dreams' (just like that of every parent) for someone like Gauri.

Like every father, Gauri's dad has dreams for her. When the normal schools terms her 'special', he realizes that his dreams of his kid making him proud is shattered. Very well expressed were Manoj Joshi's grief, anger and pride.

The father is no longer a part of the family now. She goes to special school, with her mom serving in the same school. 

The special school is nothing but a place for these kids to chill and be themselves. The Head teacher is very supportive, and helps Mugdha (Mrinal Kulkarni) understand how "parents expect from kids, rather than accepting them." Prince is another special kid, whose grandma plays a minor role of realization.

She has a passion for water which is realized when she comes out safe even after accidentally falling in the tank. She is taken to swimming school for hand-eye coordination. She then takes up competitive training and wins to compete in the Olympics (Swimming, in the special category). 

She learns swimming, participates in a competition with the normal kids and comes 5th which gets Pratap (Upendra Limaye) a challenge: to teach her competitive swimming. Amazing job as a coach by Upendra. Probably the best on for this role. He does it amazingly well, trying to explain the butterfly stroke, through the princess story, which appeals to Gauri. He understands how Gauri works, how she imitates the Yellow fish at his cabin.

What 'Yellow- The Movie' really is:

A simple and an inspirational movie that kept me crying, almost, all through the movie. The mom was like every average mother, father like every average father. The uncle aka mama was exceptional by his own ways. The coach was like most genuine coaches. Not like the creepy ones, that my parents tried to keep me away from, a result of which I was never able to be co-curricular in school.

Every role has done its best, good direction, a true story. The movie is so damn natural and touching that most people have successfully ignored it, to applaud at movies like "Main Tera Hero".

Have you seen YELLOW, what do you think?

The moped life in #Pune

Fact: Pune has the largest number of 2 wheelers in the World. 

Mine's a TN 30 AU 2644, a black pleasure with all required documents. Let me tell you how it is to ride in Pune.

It all started with this:
For which the reply from a Pune-ite was:
Which seemed to be so true.

So how is Pune* for driving? Let's see,. 

- No one follows the lane system. Let's say people are compelled no to. Heavy vehicles and cars do not take the right lane nor do the 2 wheelers take the left. Only when most things seem right, there will be a car honking behind you on the left lane.

Potholes on Pune Roads- Highways are supposed to be smooth for long drives, that's why many prefer the highway. Well here, the Mumbai-Pune highway has amazingly huge potholes.

- A tunnel, wherein you shouldn't really slow-down. It's dark and it hoists a 'work under process' board sometimes. Another smaller tunnel ends near a bend, with not legible stickers or warnings. They also contain pits, not to forget.

- The autowalas as in every city, drive rash. That's not new, is it? They drive so close, that they leave only a hairline distance between your leg and their auto.

City roads more fatal than highways- The speed-breakers are quite interesting here in Pune. Baner's is different from Katraj's which is different from Hadapsar's which is different from Chinchwad's.

Not to forget the annoying white markers, that are meant to slow you down before the speed-bump. All it helps to achieve is to aggressively shake your whole body for an entire second.

- Honking seems to be a man's best friend here. Long honks are as irritating as water dripping on your forehead.

- How can anyone forget the rain-duct bumps on every other bridge in Pune?

- I have always felt doubtful about the buses that are supposed to be on the right lane, but come to the left corner during the stops. Never follow / ride behind a bus.

- The way buses roll is also weird. Things noted are:
     - Buses do not have proper name boards. All numbers are in Hindi.
     - Most buses that do have name boards do not have a light for reading the destination name, at night.
     - Bus drivers do not stop for just 1 or 2 waiting at a bus stop.
     - Even if the bus stops, it does only for one exact second, no matter how many are getting on or off.

- Heavy power bikes like Duke, 200 NS, Avenger, Royal Enfield, Harleys etc,. are on the rise these days. But normal bikes that artificially sound like a race bike, only look pathetic, instead of cool.

- I salute the biker groups that have safety rules. (I might be referring to Rock on guys & always stand an example.) 

Following are the traits that almost everyone seem to possess: 

- Cars are annoying, to motorists. Bikes are annoying to car owners. Pedestrians annoy both.

- The places that are crowded during the weekends have parking issues always and people walk almost upto half the road. Even a double lane road becomes a single lane road.

- Post 11 p.m assholes fill the city. People drink & drive and also rash driving will be more prevalent. (Read more about the weird incident - 'The Drunk Lady'.)

- People think too much, specially whilst driving and parking. They do not care who is in front or behind their gaadi. 

- All vehicles must have atleast one rear view mirror. This must be enforced as soon as possible. They way one turns his head to look behind, while taking a turn, is crazy.

- Most men identify if a car is being driven by a woman. Riding behind loud-music-playing cars or women-driven cars are NOT safe.

- Riding behind aunties is also NOT advisable. They play with the indicators sometimes, and shout at others for their mistakes. Just like at home.

- Young women wear scarves to protect their skin and hair, which is good. Most of them wear helmets, also good. Fidgeting phone and driving, not good. Breaking the signal while it's still red, not cool. Sticking both legs out during a halt, (also called 'landing gear' by most males) is funny.

*I love Pune for everything else, except the roads and driving conditions. Pardon me for being a hater. I make sure I don't fall a culprit into any of the above mentioned points. 

The weird incident - The Drunk Lady.

It was almost 11 at night, me and my mate came out of Sice, a restaurant in Baner, Pune.

On the other side of the lane was a bike, with a girl, between 2 guys, screaming some random thing.

We were like, "What if she is being kidnapped?"

We then rode after the bike on my Pleasure, to find the bike on a hault, where the girl kept shouting at a guy who was approaching her. He caught her hand, she refused to give in. Now that it happened on a wide road, it no longer seemed like it was an attempt of rape, just that she was drunk.

We still needed to be sure that she wasn't in danger. After all these rape incidents these days, we wanted to be sure. While we were talking to the people who were watching all this, the lady was again on the bike, between the guys. She was squealing again. It was evident that she was drunk this time.

We followed, again.

The bike seemed to respond to our chasing. It rode faster, took a few turns quickly and stopped to let the 2 drop-off. The bike went to and fro, vroom,. in a jiffy.

The guy was at the gate, fidgeting to open it and the lady on the street.

I regret going closer and asking, in a stern voice, "Excuse me! Is everything alright here?" The drunk lady came closer and asked (in hindi), "If it's not alright are you gonna solve it?" She was a dusky, tired-looking, very recently married woman. She then started telling me all her problems and demanded one crore, in rupees.

I had to take a U-turn to leave the street, but she stood right in front asking me all kind of random questions.

Weird enough for the day, I hit my forehead a couple of times, then returned home.

I realized 3 things: 

1.) I used to think people get drunk for fun, wasn't the case here. I've seen in Pune, people did get high, for fun.

I've heard in a few Tamil movies, man consumes alcohol at 2 points, when he is extremely happy or when he is extremely sad. May be she was just sad, and she drank just too much.

2.) Being steady after alcohol stands true for ~80% of the men. Only ~30% of the women can even stand straight after a heavy round of drinks.

3.) No harm in trying to save someone, from trouble. It was a first, I went to save someone. My heart did thump fast.

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