Business Day at #gindia

This would be more of a photo post.

There were Googlers at the event (almost around 20), but I don't know why people see them as gods. Please its disgusting. I attended the keynote and demo, sessions which spoke about Google+, Adwords, Analytics, Career with Google, Youtube for business and the panel discussion. Stats were impressive, but wait, stats always are. There were many things I could ask them about Google+, like when one Googler said "Can you guess how many +1s are given all over the world in one day ?", I was like, "Dude is that even closer to the "likes" or the "tweets"?" He also said G+ is a philosophy not a social networking site. Well, that's new. Lunch and coffee by Cafe Coffee Day, awful. 

Nothing much to write actually, I should've attended the technology day, but I'm okay with the fact that I prefer business to technology and I 'quite' know it. So here are the pictures: 

Blue tags; Googlers, Green: Delegates, Red: Event coordinators.

 Jelly Bean from the boy selling it on the cart..

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